Rasa MažutienėSoftware Testing Evangelist
Ask me anything from process setup, coordination to leading groups& coaching new team members. Any doubts on testing strategy or approach? Let's discuss it;)
About me
Testing in your own style is a skill to aspire - and that is exactly what I've been aiming to do for the last 10 years. Having acquired a bachelor's + master's degrees in informatics and software engineering from Kaunas University of Technology, I've dove right in & started putting my hard-earned skills in an (agile) practice. I am: * a director of testing for a carrier, * a lecturer at KTU for social responsibility, * a crew member of the single software testing community in Lithuania - Bugs'a'loud for social initiatives, * a wife and a proud mother of three for personal joy :) This is me - open for a conversation on any of the topics above.
Software Testing Evangelist
Kaunas, Lithuania
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