Erikas MališauskasJack of all trades, master of design 🎨
Startups are my passion. I worked with lots of them, I built some myself. I’ve seen some fail before launching, I’ve seen some scale up to hundreds of thousands of users. In any case, there’s a lot to learn. I’d love to share some dos and don’ts while pursuing a dream of launching the next unicorn.
About me
Building startups? Opening a cafe? Playing with a band? Closing a major deal with Vilnius municipality as a freelance app designer? Filming music videos with millions of views in YouTube? Aerial photography? Getting viral worldwide after making a prank in IKEA? You name it, I’ve done it all and feels like I could go on forever. I really love trying new things and every experience helps me with next ideas. Although, my main focus has always been design. 👨🏻‍🎨
Jack of all trades, master of design 🎨
Vilnius, Lithuania
Erikas Mališauskas on 🦄 Building a startup dos and don’tsJack of all trades, master of design 🎨Some time ago
Never underestimate the value of user experience!


Lina LinkeviciuteLuxury Business and Sales Professional/Theatre Director/Timeless Paintings
Absolutely agree !!!!
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