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Whant to know more about yourself? Seems like, things which works for your friends & family does not works for you? Let astrology tips help you to answer the questions about yourself: *behaviour & decisions *emotions & feelings in different situations * Love & relationship * Work & career opportunities If your know exact birth time, we can analyse your personal astrology chart. *** Like wine, but don't know what to choose, I can help you to find the best one that fits for you!
Astrologist, wine lover & enthusiast, 9th in Vivino app, Lithuania
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Cyber Stalker
For couple of years I had and I am still having a cyber stalker. He was bullying me on social media commenting my personal life from my phone. I can help you to find out if you had been stalked, collect evidence and feel free on virtual space again. If you suffer from stalking text me
Dovaine Juciute
I graduated from musical highschool. I know how to play guitar, piano. I’m learning how to sing, produce music and be a DJ. I create music with Ableton Live. So far I’ve created and recorded only one song. You can listen to it on soundcloud.
Dovaine Juciute
Moving to Spain
I know all the ins and outs about moving to Spain. I used to live there. Everything you need to know and more!
Dovaine Juciute
Dental Care
Everything you need to know about oral health maintainance, teeth whitening, oral care for a baby or eldery people.
Dovaine Juciute
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