Per MøllerStartup Investor
Let’s talk about growing something unique while we visit my bisons.
About me
I am passionate about startups. I have founded my own, privately invested in 15, and is now managing 70Ventures with the goal to make additional 70 investments. When I need to get out of town, I visit my farm outside Vilnius. I am experimenting with niche products including birch sap and bison.
Startup Investor
Vilnius, Lithuania
Similar topics
Have you heard anything about SLS? Did you know that Falcon 9 is 70m height and more than 400 Starlink satellites already launched? I strongly believe that we are on the verge of new age of space exploration. Although, I just quite recently become a real space and SpaceX enthusiast
Vytautas GalauniaSoftware engineer @qoorio
What’s it like to be on major prime time TV show?
I was a contestant in Dances On Ice. The cameras, celebs, pain, fear, ice, injury, betrayal, friendship, fame, glory - it’s all there, under intense pressure of live tv. - do contestants get paid? - are the winners known in advance? - are the drama and scandals real? - what you need to be on TV?
Daumantas MikučionisEntrepreneur (Domillion, 15min, Wowtto, Coffee Inn), columnist ( Laime)
Who can see with its skin, has blue blood and brains in its hands? Octopus presents a curious case of intelligence that is very different from ours. I am fascinated to learn more about these wonderful creatures as part of my literary research. So I decided to get a pet octopus!
Gabija GrušaitėAuthor of Stasys Šaltoka, Co-Founder of Qoorio & Vieta
From ego to empathy
🔸 Want to leave your ego at the door and be a better person? 🔸 Self-reflection? I can share my experience how I started my journey towards this. I'm at very early stage, but can share recommendations that includes: coaching sessions, self analysis-retrosprctive, improvisation, feedback.
Deividas CelencevičiusProduct Manager 🔸 Vinted
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