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All business ventures need a great story to succeed - to get investors, hire employees, get media attention, etc. As a venture capitalist, I am helping my founders on a daily basis to craft these stories to reach the next stage and realise their dreams. Lets talk!
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I'm a human that appreciates great ideas, with even greater people behind them. I am an early stage VC My @ Mangrove Capital Partners. To put it into context - my job mostly consists of rigorous travelling around Europe, working with exceptional entrepreneurs and discovering their unique insights as I go. Everything that I do in life comes back to my idea of the world being afloat with opportunities. One only needs to go out and find them! More on www.yannickoswald.com, the #1 VC Blog in Europe
VC, Opportunities are Everywhere
Paris, France
Yannick Oswald on Let’s craft your startup storyVC, Opportunities are EverywhereSome time ago
Choosing a cofounder (or not) is one of the toughest decisions you will face in the very early stages of building a new venture... Let's have a look at how to evaluate the setup and quality of a cofounding team, identify potential red flags, and mitigate the risks... https://www.yannickoswald.com/post/guest-post-how-to-choose-and-deal-with-your-co-founders
Guest Post: Cofounders. How to choose and deal with them?

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