Eimantas GadrusFreight forwarding (transport)/ Running/ Business management
Working in freight forwarding business more than 6 years and still studying management, allows me to have updated knowledge about industry and management itself 🤓
About me
Freight Forwarding 7 years, 2 different companies, one medium-sized/ other large business, strenghts in Sales and Freight forwarding department management Running 3years, 1000-1500km per year, had shin splints and iliotibial band syndrome, ran 2 full marathons , PB 3:34:50 🥇and 13 halfs PB 1:29:45 MBA @ISM Executive School, finished 3 modules (Strategy management, Business Processes Management, Organizational Psychology) and wrote a Master thesis on sustainability policy development 🤓
Freight forwarding (transport)/ Running/ Business management
Centras, Kaunas, Lithuania
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Marta JurkšaitienėHead of digital agency @ Ad Fingers
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10+ years creting User Experiences for top brands in the Baltics. Helping to define MVPs.
Marta JurkšaitienėHead of digital agency @ Ad Fingers
10+ years in Marketing, specialising in digital.
Marta JurkšaitienėHead of digital agency @ Ad Fingers
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When trying to find the best ideas you need not only knowlege but also great understanding of market psichology, only then you can reach 35x. ;)
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