Vladimir Panovlinguist and polyglot
Spending hours at your desk is not enough for learning a language. I can help you avoid common mistakes in language learning, and we can come up with a language learning strategy adapted to your personal needs.
About me
I am a linguist with a PhD degree and ten years of research experience. How did humans acquire language? How many languages are currently spoken in the world? What do languages have in common, and how are they different? Are there older and younger, more complex and simpler languages? Do animals have languages? Linguistics is a science about human language as a natural phenomenon, and it is striving to answer all of these, as well as many other questions. I myself speak a dozen languages, and have worked with hundreds of languages in my research. I know how languages work. I also have taught Russian, Lithuanian, Italian, Modern and Ancien Greek, Latin, English, and German for 15 years. Most of us believe that a new language can be learnt if one spends a certain amount of time studying it. In practice, things are much more tricky. I have come to know how to learn different languages through both formal training and personal experience. As someone who understands both linguistic theory and language leraning, I will be happy to share my knowledge with you.
linguist and polyglot
Vilnius, Lithuania
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