Neringa PetrauskaitėB2B Marketing & Communications Strategist
I have significant experience in developing positioning strategies across the industries, however the most valuable part of my know-how is how to keep this course in disruptive environment and how to exploit your positioning in daily marketing, communication, business development practice.
About me
14Y IN B2B BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING For the last 14 years I have designed my experience and built knowledge around B2B marketing, communications and business development and did it led by principle of aiming high. MARKETING AGENCY OWNER Having spent 7 years of my career in B2B marketing, communications and business development, I have realized there is lack of this specific competence available in the market, that is exactly why I’m one of the co-founders of the first full scope marketing agency specialized in B2B in Lithuania. LEGAL SERVICE INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE Since my professional career began with small law firm (at that time) in the Baltics and I had an amazing opportunity to contribute to its growth to TOP 2 in the Baltic-Belarus region, legal service industry remains my true passion already 14 years. Up to date I have helped for more than 20 law firms facing various marketing, communication or sales strategy challenges to put the path to their success. CHAMPAGNE LOVER These achievements I celebrate with champagne. To make better choice for these occasions I have recently graduated Champagne Academy, therefore I do my best to have reason to keep it practicing :) LECTURER I value knowledge a lot, as well as sharing – that is why I have studied PhD in marketing and am lecturing for more than 10 years. Currently – at Vilnius University. I also play the piano and lately are getting more interest in other arts.
B2B Marketing & Communications Strategist
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Justinas PošiūnasTech Lead / Software Developer @ Digiklasė
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