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About me
I'm born in Kaunas. I currently living in Vilnius, in Capital City of Lithuania. I am a fan of technology, music and travel, I am also interested in inventions, innovation and reading. For more than 30 years I have been working in the field of Information Technology as well as in the Trade of computer hardware/software. I have experience in a healthy lifestyle: I know how to keep my body well without hurting or limiting myself. --- My education: 1983, Vilnius University, Faculty of History, the speciality of library science and bibliography. 1988, Vilnius University, to past-graduate aspiranture full-time studies, according to the speciality “Theoretical fundamentals of informatics". 2000, International Business School at Vilnius University, International Business specialized studies (acquired second higher education). ---
Visionary for Future Society, Technology&Science
Vilnius, Lithuania
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Otis LeeEducation Guidance & LGBTQI Counsellor
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Otis LeeEducation Guidance & LGBTQI Counsellor
Self-improvement and organization
I can tell about self-improvement, making everything on time and staying on track by using some tools and simple hacks with no bullshit. All you need is just a commitment!
Justinas PošiūnasTech Lead / Software Developer @ Digiklasė
Software decisions that accelerate your business
I see that there is still a lot of people who have business ideas but struggle to start because they think that dev team will cost 10K+ just to begin with and there is no quarantee it will succeed. But usually dev team is not necessary and you can use just right SaaS tooling.
Justinas PošiūnasTech Lead / Software Developer @ Digiklasė
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