Daumantas MikučionisEntrepreneur (Domillion, 15min, Wowtto, Coffee Inn), columnist ( Laime)
Talk to me about life, work or studies in US. Or how to get there.
About me
Ambitious dreamer. Average executor. Expert in selfishness, Egoism promoter. Master of honesty and intimacy. I took the red pill.
Entrepreneur (Domillion, 15min, Wowtto, Coffee Inn), columnist ( Laime)
Vilnius, Lithuania
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I've been camping since I was a kid - including all over Europe - and I've been wild camping every week for 2 years - to assist with my mental health and connect with nature. My knowledge of camping equipment, the Scottish Outdoor Access code, and Scotland, will assist you with your upcoming trip.
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I have skied to both the North and South Pole, summit some of the highest mountains on 7 continents. I have adventured my way around Saudi Arabia as a solo female before women were allowed to drive, gone to hidden corners in North Korea and deep jungles in Peru. Let’s make the impossible possible!
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