Milda SavickieneFashion Business Professional | Producer | Web Designer | Entrepreneur
How to produce & sell effectively your fashion design?
About me
I am a passionate fashion industry insider with business & marketing background. Creative thinker & strategic doer. Detail oriented & perfectionist. My dynamic personality & curiosity lead me to such projects as: + development of promotional wear department @ Partizanas BTL Agency; + first worlds sticky watch introduction to LT market @ STAMPS; + several great media campaigns management @ Inspired UM media agency; + development of designers Agnė Kuzmickaitė Brand image: including production process, client management, brand strategy, online store, marketing content, fashion shows & several collaborations; + Eastern European Showroom; + Fashion Injection competition; + Fashion Infection Festival; + several other projects & initiatives. My web portfolio @
Fashion Business Professional | Producer | Web Designer | Entrepreneur
Vilnius, Lithuania
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