Orlando JohnCEO @ Orlando John, Talent Agent
I consider myself to be truly lucky to be in this field. My work has never been tedious or dull, and every new day comes with new challenges. Though things can become harsh at times, the final results always redeem the hard times. If you're considering a career in this path - let's talk.
About me
Born in Venice, California, I have more than 22 years of experience in the entertainment business - covering music, film, TV and eSports. I'm also the founder of Orlando John Ltd, which is home of a large palette of talents within Music, Film, TV & eSport, with offices in LA, Bangkok and Riga. Throughout my eventful career I've overseen and had the pleasure to work with a wide array of multi-talented clients, such as Grammy winner Wyclef Jean, Hollywood actor Joel Kinnaman, Legend Julio Iglesias, Hollywood - Bond villain Robert Davi and many more.
CEO @ Orlando John, Talent Agent
Stockholm, Sweden
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