Dominyka VenciūtėPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator
Believe it or not, you have a personal brand. The question is whether it works for you. Let me explain you why and how it works.
About me
Hello there! My name’s Dominyka and I am a human who prefers mornings over evenings, matcha latte over café latte, Vermeer over Rembrandt and LinkedIn over Facebook. Below are some of the fields I engage in daily and I would love discussing with you, too. PERSONAL BRANDING We cannot love a logo, a jingle, or a piece of branded content. But we can love a person (Mark Schaefer, "Marketing Rebellion"). Each and every person has a personal brand. However, most of us lack time, skills, motivation or understanding about its benefits. As a founder of personal branding consultancy "Persona Cognita" I help executives, entrepreneurs and other professionals to build and communicate their personal brands. LINKEDIN Even though LinkedIn was founded before Facebook, this social media platform is still a mystery to many. With my knowledge in marketing and personal branding, I help professionals and corporations to make use of this platform when it comes to personal branding, content strategies and implementation. MARKETING & EDUCATION The field that has been my passion both from academic and business perspectives. A couple of years ago I defended my doctoral dissertation that aimed to understand the impact of social media marketing on new firm performance. Since 2015 I’ve been teaching marketing-related subjects such as Marketing Principles and Social Media Marketing at the leading business school in Lithuania, where I also led Marketing and Sales Department.
Personal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | Educator
Vilnius, Lithuania
Dominyka Venciūtė on PERSONAL BRANDINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | EducatorSome time ago
Even though we may find many executives on social media today, only a small fraction of them actually create content. The others remain invisible, losing an opportunity to demonstrate their expertise and become known in their industry or to their target audience. Some time ago I write an article on why and how executives should build their personal brands on social media. Check it out below ⬇️
Building a Strong Personal Brand for Executives on Social Media. Why and How?


Mangirdas AdomaitisArtificial inteligence, Data science
Thanks for sharing! Same reasons seems to apply for specialists. But in my circles i don’t see specialists building their brands. Do you know success stories for specialists brand building?
Dominyka Venciūtė on PERSONAL BRANDINGPersonal Branding & LinkedIn Consultant | Marketer | EducatorSome time ago
"Content is King." "Content isn’t King, it’s the Kingdom." "Traditional marketing talks at people. Content marketing talks with them." I bet you’ve heard one of these or other phrases that emphasize the value of content. Content marketing is also a great way to strengthen your personal brand. Despite that, many professionals are still reluctant or lack time to create content. Therefore, here are 12 tips I put together to motivate you to put your content out there with more courage and less hesitation. Check them out in my latest Thrive Global piece!
12 Tips To Strengthen Your Personal Brand Through Content Writing

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