Edvins KravcenkaAutomation Specialist; traveller; EV & investment enthusiast
I'm personally very invested in automation. It's both my work and a hobby. As such I'm naturally interested in how will automation affect us as a society. Will all jobs be taken? If so - how and when? If not - why not? This a topic I very much like to discuss with people
About me
My background is very technical. I've been involved in tech for as long as I can remember - everything from deconstructing radios and remote controlled toy cars to creating software robots that can automate mundane, repetative tasks for office workers. Currently I'm just starting my career as an automation specialist, as well as heavily investing on the side. Anything relating to electric vehicles, finances and technology is extremely interesting and I'd love to have a chat about it.
Automation Specialist; traveller; EV & investment enthusiast
Vilnius, Lithuania
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