Rimvydas Matukynasprofesional singer/ songwriter/ artist
any music related topics from creating/writing/composing to singing, playing instruments, looking for collabs or even music to listen to.
About me
Stage name: Antturi SONGWRITING i'm writing lyrics and composing music since I was 10. I graduaded university (jazz vocals, piano, composition) in Vilnius, been working with my original songs and by order/ recording studios in Lithuania and abroad. specialisation: indie, folk, pop, rnb, soul, alternative, rock, electronic music. PERFORMING I sing and perform as a profesional singer. I show up with both my original songs and covers. did worked in Eurovision, won a second place in 2019 Lith X Factor contest, showed up on Power Hit Radio, M1 Radio. I consider myself as an universal artist, therefore my performances range is wide: indie, pop, jazz, alternative stages, private celebrations, shows and festivals. Check my work - Youtube/IG/Facebook: Antturi
profesional singer/ songwriter/ artist
Vilnius, Lithuania
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