Eglė JokužytėCreating Alternative Ways Of Seeing Beauty @ Verslas ar menas
I believe that the daily activities you choose to invest your limited time in should be reciprocal. Having created a job that does just that - sparking joy and receiving it in return, I can tell you what's it like to undertake an activity that your heart has been telling you to follow for years.
About me
First time that I've got to encounter the world of blind was seven years ago. At first I simply couldn't believe that there were people, incapable of seeing the utter beauty of this world. Only later on did I realize that they were, in fact, capable - only in ways, that I wasn't yet aware of. After discovering their way(s) of perceiving beauty, I've realized my life's mission: create a paper book reading culture in the blind community. Enable the world's blind people (especially children) read the same books as the sighted. Through creative, educational and social activities help reveal the talents of the blind and contribute to their wholesome life.
Creating Alternative Ways Of Seeing Beauty @ Verslas ar menas
Vilnius, Lithuania
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