Edvardas KavarskasPartner @ Étiquette, a strategic packaging agency
One of my (somewhat favorite) daily activities is catching up with the design world, analysing it from different standpoints and interpreting the actual meaning of the occurring changes. From politics to environmental change - every single thing has an acute influence on the direction design takes.
About me
Ex long-term freelancer, ex unfinished PhD student, and almost ex design strategist. A true believer that being a designer is a lifestyle rather than a job. It’s a way to realise the world. Artists want their works to be found in museums while designers want theirs to be seen in stores.
Partner @ Étiquette, a strategic packaging agency
Vilnius, Lithuania
Edvardas Kavarskas on At the forefront of designPartner @ Étiquette, a strategic packaging agencySome time ago
Milton Glaser, the author of I ♥️ NY logo and Brooklyn Brewery identity, passed away at the age of 91. His thoughts on the design discipline are timeless and will stay with us forever. Art is work, proclaimed the inscription on his office door in Manhattan, and I can’t agree more.
Milton Glaser, Master Designer of ‘I ♥ NY’ Logo, Is Dead at 91

Edvardas Kavarskas on At the forefront of designPartner @ Étiquette, a strategic packaging agencySome time ago
As an artist in my soul, I admire that the term "looking good" is up for debate, while the anti-beauty movement is here to stay. I remember my studies and the concept of unreasonable beauty, brought to my mind by the most talented philosophy and art mentors. That's precisely what it is. Finally.
Experimental beauty


Marija MireckaitėPhotographer. Curious person.
I love this! Finally we're all focusing more on freedom and creativity in the beauty world rather than how to contour your nose for it to appear smaller haha! Interesting article:-)
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