Benediktas GylysInternet Entrepreneur, Philantropist & Angel Investor
Around 80% of my business endeavors have been unsuccessful. And you know what? I consider them to be a blessing. There's nothing more fruitful in this world, in regards to learning and excelling, than failing.
About me
Having made my first million at the humble age of 23, I've realized quite a few things. One of them was the ultimate need to give back, so I've founded "Benediktas Gylys Foundation" - a place that aids in carrying out projects that promote creativity, entrepreneurship and a variety of good-deed initiatives, driven by young talents. My deep-seated yearning to give back also manifests in a yet another activity of mine - angel investment. Apart from that, I'm an author of „Bitonomija“ book and a long-time vegetarian.
Internet Entrepreneur, Philantropist & Angel Investor
Vilnius, Lithuania
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