Indrė RadavičienėStrategic Marketer & Pricing Expert, Using Neuroscience Principles
By becoming a member of Neuromarketing Science & Business Association in United States and analysing the field ardently, I've got access to such information as: how to form a discount which would make the person feel as though he/she has won something, was smarter than others?
About me
For the past 10 years I've been keenly analysing, presenting and actively applying the principles of strategic marketing & pricing for a variety of companies, from MO Museum to Goodlife sports centre. A few years ago I've undertaken an internship at Simon Kucher & Partners - the world's leading pricing advisor and thought leader - and realized that a large part of a company's success lies in exactly that - choosing the right pricing which would make sense in your customer's head.
Strategic Marketer & Pricing Expert, Using Neuroscience Principles
Vilnius, Lithuania
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