Aleksejus ZubcovasConsultative selling. Cycling. Chess.
I can help small businesses to build a sales process. I believe that my 6 years B2B experience and owning a business will help you to understand key things about sales and that it is not only about "cold calling". Do you want to understand how to sell air and use consultative selling approach?
About me
Many people do not understand sales process. They see only "cold calling". If you would ask my friends about me, they would use one word to describe myself - salesman. However, I do not do "cold calls" or I only think that it is not "cold". Besides, my profession, I like riding on a road bike and you can join me. Another my hobby is chess, so I like understanding new openings and there is only one suggestion: "Attack! Always Attack!".
Consultative selling. Cycling. Chess.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Aleksejus Zubcovas on How to sell air?Consultative selling. Cycling. Chess.Some time ago
I am so proud to announce that I ended the fiscal year with 100%+ of my Year Target. It's been only one year since working in data research company and selling the "air"., yet I can already share my main takeouts: 1. Be consultative. Try to initiate the dialogue with a customer and forget about your product. Try to understand why a client wants to change something, what's his priorities and then see if your service can help. When I started digging deeper in clients' needs, the quality of meetings increased and it seemed that clients liked this aproach. Once my wife asked a question, how do I usually start a meeting, so my methodology is simple: first 5 mins are not about the needs, but more about personality. As a result, your client becomes more open. 2. Be persistent. This skill is very useful, because, as you may know, your first e-mail or call can be ignored. Once I was aproaching one big Polish producer, which did not have any business with us before. On the first call, they said that they use an alternative solution, on the second - they will have new projects on another quarter. When I wrote an email the third time, they were very pleasant as they were running a tender on one project. So they invited me to provide an offer. I did not win this tender, however I already know all decision makers, company processes, how they work and what's their priorities. Sure, I will call them after several months. Stay tuned, I will find the right solution for them. 3. Feel the pulse. It is very important to understand next steps if client agrees on working with you. As an example, you have one contract left and you need to sign it before end of month to reach your sales target. At the same time, your client says that they will review the contract and will contact back if questions arise. So, it seems as a good news. However, if your client does not know about your needs, it can be that you will not get signed contract on time, because corporates have legal department, which have their own timelines, etc. At this point, my main suggestion is to inform your client about your needs, aling timeline, and understand fully the process: who should review, who should sign, etc. As a result, you will feel the pulse and you will succeed.


Aleksejus ZubcovasConsultative selling. Cycling. Chess.
, I work at Euromonitor. my main product is Passport - data base tool.
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