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I am not a pro in business development but have a wide range of experience
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I am a QA/RA Consultant, with 8 years experience in Medical Devices/GMP/Food safety. My mission is to spread the magic of common sense among startups, and create the balance between innovation and safety.
Tech Regulatory | Quality Consultant
Budapest, Hungary
Lilla Strobel on Business DevelopmentTech Regulatory | Quality ConsultantSome time ago
Who you should listen to when developing a product? Hurray-you are a leader of a brand new startup, you already convinced investors that your product is awesome. Now you have to develop and sell, and you are good, right? Your friends are here to help, and you will do it like pros, right? No need for negative voices, right? Wrong! As a leader, the only thing you want to hear is compliments. But what you need to hear is constructive criticism, the people who believe you, but not unconditionally, they are not your friend but they want you to be successful, as their reputation depends on your success. You should listen to everyone who wants to keep your business legal: your lawyer, your regulatory specialist. Yes, any nasty business can destroy their reputation, and no one wants to hire any professional with a shady history, and excuses are also not helping. So if they are letting you go, that is a huge red flag. You should also listen to everyone who has more experience in your field, than you do. Sometimes I meet CEOs who say they never ask the potential customers for feedback, because they think customers know nothing about innovation. Facepalm. How do you want to develop a good product if you don't know what do you do? This attitude is only ok when you develop something for yourself! My favourite situation was when a company developed a device for greenhouses that already existed, but there are now better products on the market. You want to know what your customers feel, what makes their life/work easier. Real professionals don't wake up at 4 a.m. because they are mindful, but because they must! Standing in the middle of the night in the freezing cold with a bunch of candles is not the latest wellness trend, but farmers have to protect young trees from the cold, or their years of work will be destroyed within one hour. Mascne is not a Covid invention, healthcare workers know it for years. These people also learned to have their degree, but their job is way more demanding than yours, and what they need the least is a condescending idiot CEO, who says they are doing it wrong. Of course, you don't have to become a physician or an engineer to understand their problems. Just listen to them! Fun fact: I am also not a doctor, but I checked all the devices I worked with in action, yes I also attended to operations.

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