Vaida SaulyteTech | Education | Co-Creation
Over the past years, I have worked from various countries, from India to Spain or Greece. The journey has not been that easy and I have made plenty of mistakes on the way. Moving to a new country for a few months without knowing anyone can be challenging, laptop on a beach is not a reality.
About me
I stand in the intersection between technology, social change and education. Curious about establishing a deeper connection with myself and others through interactions and finding ways to maximize my energy spending towards experiences that generate the most learning and impact. Currently in charge of Business Development with Social Hackers Academy, a nonprofit coding school for vulnerable groups. I constantly try to push myself into the uncomfortable whilst maximizing learning and creating new connections. I lived abroad in the UK, Spain, Greece and India, and traveled to over 30 countries. I am extremely open to new experiences, topics and would love to learn about anything, whether it is hiking, technology, food or meditation - I believe everything is interconnected in one way or another. -Engaged in a lot of mindfulness practices, from yoga or meditation to tantra, ecstatic dance, etc. I am very interested in startups, love seeing upcoming new technologies and innovations. A true adrenaline junkie, I love extreme experiences in the nature, especially mountain climbing and survival experiences. Let's connect!
Tech | Education | Co-Creation
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