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Here is some content on how my online music teaching life
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Online music teacher at Helping other online music teachers at I have recently turned to course creation to diversify my offering. I combine my tech-savviness and pedagogical knowledge to create meaningful online learning experiences. I have an undergraduate degree in classical guitar peformance gained at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London and a postgraduate degree in education gained at Trinity College, Dublin.
Online music teacher
Milan, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy
Costanza Casullo on Online music teaching lifeOnline music teacherSome time ago
Every Sunday...this is how I teach.. Morning I log into preply and start teaching the students from Australia and Japan. I am in Italy (CEST timezone), which means that my morning is their afternoon. Lunch and dance workout I join my brother for a dance workout on Steezy! Afternoon I log into lessonface to teach the American students. My afternoon corresponds to their morning. Evening I upload the recordings of my lessons on flipgrid for my students

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Online music teaching life
Here is some content on how my online music teaching life
Costanza Casullo
Learning guitar, music production and performance
I can help you creating a tailored learning path in music performance and production, helping you transforming your ideas in songs, even if you've got little time.. Passion and focus are required :) In case you need custom audio for your brand, I am an expert in Audio me!
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