Mikhail NikonorovIn the process of mastering mind and figuring out the life
Do you own your mind or your mind owns you? Everything comes from the mind, our happiness and our struggles. Once we take full control over it we can get read of unnecessary suffering, accomplish more and make our lives more meaningful. This is the place to explore how to get there.
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Years of meditation practice, martial arts, enterpreurship. Father of two awesome boys. https://thebold.onelink.me/cYmV/99431cab www.thebold.app
In the process of mastering mind and figuring out the life
Mol, Dessel, Belgium
Mikhail Nikonorov on How to train strong and smart mindIn the process of mastering mind and figuring out the lifeSome time ago
Here is what happened after my regular meditation practice. #1 Became more aware of my emotional self. I call it “elephant” (inspired by the book “The happiness hypothesis”). Externally I am not very emotional but internally this elephant can get really wild at times. I became aware of this “elephant” and able to direct attention to breathing and other more productive thoughts to help calm down “elephant” and think more clearly and rationally. #2 A 15% increase in focus. I am a life long multitasker. For many years was proud of it until I realized that I can not focus for a long time on one thing and deliver proper quality. I have a monkey mind. However, life does require to stick with one thing for quite some time to get good results with deep work. Meditation helped me to notice distractions and bring attention back to the task at hand. More here: https://medium.com/p/6ad7081a03f9?source=linkShare-b5b71cc2395e-1607854489
Here is what happened after my meditation practice | by Mikhail Nikonorov | Bold minds | Nov, 2020 | Medium

Mikhail Nikonorov on How to train strong and smart mindIn the process of mastering mind and figuring out the lifeSome time ago
Everything is an iterative process including ourselves. You almost never get things right from the beginning. Instead of jumping to execute on your idea iterate it in you mind or piece of paper, challenge it from different angles and refine - it will save you money, energy and time. This is how we applied this principle with Bold app.

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