Justė JonutytėContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair
I teach courses in contemporary art & art market and attend numerous international art fairs, exhibitions and artist studios every year. The art market remains a mysterious subject and I can help you navigate it.
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I’m a Curator and Producer of Contemporary Art, and a Board Member at Rupert, a centre for Art & Education in Vilnius, Lithuania, where I worked as a Director for 6 years. I hold an M.A. in History of Art from the University of St Andrews, Scotland and have previously worked in curatorial departments at Tate Modern (London) and Jonas Mekas Foundation (New York), as well as curated independent projects in Iceland, Latvia, Belgium, Norway and elsewhere. During my 10-year career in the arts, I have helped many artists launch international careers and implement ambitious large-scale projects. Alongside my professional career in the arts, I have pursued my lifelong passion for travels through my blog @OurTravelAffair, which launched in 2018. Having visited over 50 countries in 5 continents numerous times, I can help you pick the best spots for a relaxing brunch, lunchtime exhibition and romantic dinner in the city of your choice.
Contemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffair
Vilnius, Lithuania
Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffairSome time ago
Alina Szapocznikow (1926–1973) darbais žaviuosi daugiau nei dešimtmetį. Kai prieš kelis metus buvo rengiama pirmoji menininkės UK retrospektyva, jau planavau kelionę į Jorkšyrą vien tam, kad pasižiūrėti Szapocznikow kūrinius gyvai.     🔹Tąkart dėl darbų kelionė neįvyko, todėl kai prieš metus sužinojau, kad skulptorės kūrybą netrukus galėsime išvysti Lietuvoje, MO muziejuje, labai apsidžiaugiau.     🔸Menininkė radikaliai permąstė skulptūrą – kūryboje pasitelkė tuo metu tradiciškai mažai naudotas medžiagas; viena pirmųjų pradėjo kalbėti feministinėmis temomis.     🔹Dėl šių priežasčių ir kūrybos tematikos ją meno istorijoje matau greta tokių menininkų kaip Eva Hesse ar Louise Bourgeois.     🔸Šios žydų kilmės meninkės gyvenime - daug skausmingų, traumuojančių įvykių. Vaikystėje neteko tėvo, vėliau brolio. Karo metais ji kartu su motina kalėjo getuose, paskui koncentracijos stovyklose.     🔹Holokaustą išgyvenusi meninkė apie tai, ką patyrė koncentracijos stovyklose niekada viešai nekalbėjo, bet išgyvenimus galime atrasti kūriniuose.    🔸Dar būdama jauna, menininkė susirgo pilvaplėvės džiova. Skulptorė buvo gydoma eksperimentiniais vaistais – streptomicinu, dėl to tapo nevaisinga. Vėliau sirgo krūties vėžiu, mirė anksti.    🔹 Jaunystėje patirti karo išgyvenimai ir vėliau užklupusios sunkios ligos sugulė kūryboje- menininkė daug dėmesio skyrė žmogaus laikinumo, kūno trapumo ir mirties temoms.    🔸Ne mažiau idomus feminizmo aspektas meninikės kuryboje - ji atsisako moters kūną paversti akiai maloniu objektu, dažnai jį vaizduoja nepatrauklų. Kartu pasakoja apie „nevisavertiškumą“ ir moters kūno reprezentaciją, virtimą preke tuometinėje visuomenėje.    🔹Privalote Szapocznikow kūrybą patirti gyvai, o ne per nuotraukas, jei tik turite galimybę. @momuziejus parodoje jos kūrybą rasite trijų Lenkijos pokario kūrėjų kontekste.  

Justė Jonutytė on Art marketContemporary Art Market Expert; Founder @TemaProjects & @OurTravelAffairSome time ago
Justas from Qoorio asked me a question: “Hi Juste, I trust your taste in contemporary art and I would love to get your recommendation. I am looking for a piece of art for my office. I am thinking of 1..2m x 0.5..1.5m size, €5k-€10k price range, made by a young, contemporary artist, can be local or not. What names/links would you suggest to look at?” 👌Justai, thank you for your question. In fact, the question ‘How do I go about acquiring my first artwork’ is the most common question I get. There are many reasons why people don’t feel too confident when searching for an artwork for their home, or, as in your case, your office. 🤔 Some of these reasons have to do with the supposed lack of knowledge in the field of contemporary art (although I personally think that’s more of a myth). Others have to do more with the question of value: how do I make sure the artwork I buy will not go down in its value over the years so I don’t lose the money I invested. I recommned to first think about these aspects when choosing the right work for your office (or home), and only afterwards consider which artists to concentrate on based on your answers: 1. What do I want the work to symbolize for me?✨ If you are looking for an artwork for your office, likely you will spend dozens of hours every week in front of it. What core values or memories do you want the work to remind you of? Do you want it to symbolize ambition, innovation or creativity to boost your drive? Do you want it to create you a moment of relaxation or fantasy for your otherwise highly concentrated day? For example, if ‘future’ is one of the most relevant topics for you, perhaps you don’t even want a two-dimensional painting, but rather a 3-dimensional hologram which better reflects your values? 2. What do I want the work to symbolize for my colleagues/partners/clients? 🏙 If you are looking for an artwork for your office, the work will likely become a central piece of attention to anyone who comes in and visit your work place – whether your colleagues or your clients. What do you want the artwork to say about you and your product/service to every visitor? Do you want it to strengthen your status as an expert in your field, to give the impression of you/your product as a reputable, innovative or creative person/product? For example, if ‘sustainability’ is the main keyword for your business, how do you pick an artwork that speaks of sustainability to everyone who comes into your office? 🌀Last but not least, I suggest to take into consideration such aspects as the market value of the work, the artist’s career and demand of their work, the seller’s reputation (whether you decide to buy at a gallery, auction house or elsewhere). ✅ Finally, to answer your question more specifically, some young generation Lithuanian artists who are internationally active at the moment and whose works have a good international market demand and can be within the price range you provided : Rute Merk, Pakui Hardware, Indrė Šerpytytė, Augustas Serapinas, Lina Lapelyte, Andrius Zakarauskas, Emilija Škarnulytė and some others. You can also look up some international young yet respected artists too within the price range you gave me: Ragna Bley, Athena Papadopoulos, Evgeny Antufiev and Louisa Gagliardi, Jesse Darling, Zoe Paul and many others. You can look up sites such as Artsy, Contemporary Art Daily, Artnet and others to disocver more artists. I hope this will give you a good start, and if you have more questions, ❇️next Thursday, July 30th at 8 pm (LT time) ❇️ I will be doing an Instagram live session (in Lithuanian) on how to pick your first artwork (on my @temaprojects IG account) and you are welcome to ask me further questions there, or in the comments section of this Qoorio post. 📸 Works by Rute Merk in New York’s gallery Downs& Ross


Lina LinkeviciuteLuxury Business and Sales Professional/Theatre Director/Timeless Paintings
This is a deep subject :) my grandmother liked to collect the pieces of art and our home was full of super quality artworks but I was feeling all the depression behind them, of course not every person can be affected by it, once my mother changed the whole artworks, and it was such a relief. So it can be the most expensive, the most beautiful artwork in the world but I would check the energetic and it will depend if I put it somewhere in the special room or where I am all the time :)
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