Marius PareščiusInovacijos, IT, kibernetinio saugumo evangelistas
👨‍🚀 Recently concentrating on the area of ICT, innovations and startup business, blockchain technologies, AI, fin-tech, hardware, and security.
About me
Managed dozens of IT, security and internet projects as both CEO and advisor, working with banks, software development companies, data centres, web hosting companies, retail, and business associations in Europe, the Baltics, Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus. 👉 Founder of – one of the world’s first social networks. Launched in 1999. 👉 Owner of Nuclear Bunker Data Centre in Vilnius. 👉 CEO of the Lithuanian Cluster Association 👉 CEO and President of the International Security Cluster 👉 President of the Lithuanian ICT Cluster 👉 President of Lithuanian Startup cluster 👉 Board member of Lithuanian ICT Association Infobalt 👉 Founded Business Hive Vilnius(BHV) - one of the oldest startup incubator and technology hubs in the Baltic region. Primarily focused on hardware, security, blockchain, AI and enterprise software startups.
Inovacijos, IT, kibernetinio saugumo evangelistas
Vilnius, Lithuania
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