Jaroslavas AkmanovasEntrepreneur
My 25+ years entrepreneurship experience is full of roller coaster. It is emotional and strong character building trip. I would like to share with my experience and help other human beings to avoid some pitfalls in their road to success. To teach how to find motivation and faith in yourself.
About me
From an early age, more precisely from the age of 10-11, I became interested in radio technology. I subscribed to specialized magazines, constructed various devices. I built my first computer game when I was 12 years old :), from 14 years old I started programming and Information Technology (IT) become part of my life. I build my first IT company when I was 18 years old and till now I am in IT industry just my role in it has changed. At this stage of my life, I am more involved as developer and investor of an exciting IT & Accounting business projects. More about my experience you will find on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/akmanovas/
Vilnius, Lithuania
A strong and courageous person is one who knows how to discover and acknowledge their weaknesses and turn them into their strongest qualities. But this is easier said than done. People don’t want to admit that they’re wrong somewhere because it’s human nature’s desire to always be right. We don’t want to look like losers against others, we don’t want to admit that others may be right, which is why we argue to defend our position. Most people don’t want to engage in self-analysis and look for their own weaknesses. Below is a list of weaknesses that you can turn into your own strengths. And by doing so, you will no doubt achieve your dreams and goals. • Delay • Not having a list of 100 dreams • Lack of new knowledge • Willingness to answer questions directly • Indecision • Blame circumstances for their failures • Excessive self-satisfaction • Indifference • Willingness to accept compromises • Lack of motivation for activities • Willingness to lower your hands, even in the face of the first small obstacle • Lack of a specific written plan • Inability to seize good opportunities • Weak desire • Searching for easy ways • Fear of criticism: what others will say

In my life, I have met many different people. After being acquainted with them, I realized that there is only one thing that separates lazy people from active people - motivation. Some have zero, others have a maximum. Laziness is not a “disease”. This is simply the absence of motivation. Also I realized that the only thing that gives birth to motivation is - Dreams. This is the only way that helps to discover the motivation to act. There are no other ways! You can read motivational books, watch motivational videos. All of this will raise motivation, give enthusiasm, but it will all be temporary. Until the first problem appear, until someone say NO! Do you want motivation to accompany you always and everywhere? Discover, find your Dream! Questions to find your Dreams: • Am I happy? • Am I safe? • Do I have real friends? • What is my relationship with family members? • If in the next 5-10-15 years I do the same thing I do now, will I be happy with the result I will achieve in that time?


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