Mar ReyesA drop of water in the sea
Why? ¿Por qué? Waarom? When we start to explore the world as little humans that could be the word that we might repeat the most, is the word that help us understand what is around us, a word that transform experiences into knowledge, the more we ask the better we understand.
About me
I make a lot of questions and walk in the middle of the road.
A drop of water in the sea
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar Reyes on CuriosityA drop of water in the seaSome time ago
What a better name for a rover that explores Mars than Curiosity!? Launched by NASA in 2011, it took it 8 months of journey to arrive there and it has been exploring for us the unknown surface of a planet so far away. Fascinating to think where curiosity can takes us. Here a link to a video of an animation that illustrates how it got there.

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