Marijus KrasnickasValue Creator Through Unity. Founder of UNO Parks. Your Gold Fish.
I am your SpiderMan
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I am a founder of UNO Parks and initiator of number of other projects. I am known for doing impossible things, for ex., selling Lithuanian company's complex service to China, MENA, USA for 3 to 10 times premium price than our competitors. Creator of Blue Oceans.
Value Creator Through Unity. Founder of UNO Parks. Your Gold Fish.
Vilnius, Lithuania
Marijus Krasnickas on How to connect two invisible dots with a spiderwebValue Creator Through Unity. Founder of UNO Parks. Your Gold Fish.Some time ago
The beauty of finding joy through creativity isn't about achieving the perfect end result. It's about the journey of self-expression and exploring different perspectives and thereby finding inspiration, healing, helping others, learning and personal transformation. Algirdas Gataveckas thanks for the inspiration & creativity lightning! Coat hanger is amazing - leave me 2 hooks :)


Andrew Lim Mao TungWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
Fibonacci Sequence
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Have you heard anything about SLS? Did you know that Falcon 9 is 70m height and more than 400 Starlink satellites already launched? I strongly believe that we are on the verge of new age of space exploration. Although, I just quite recently become a real space and SpaceX enthusiast
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What’s it like to be on major prime time TV show?
I was a contestant in Dances On Ice. The cameras, celebs, pain, fear, ice, injury, betrayal, friendship, fame, glory - it’s all there, under intense pressure of live tv. - do contestants get paid? - are the winners known in advance? - are the drama and scandals real? - what you need to be on TV?
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Who can see with its skin, has blue blood and brains in its hands? Octopus presents a curious case of intelligence that is very different from ours. I am fascinated to learn more about these wonderful creatures as part of my literary research. So I decided to get a pet octopus!
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From ego to empathy
🔸 Want to leave your ego at the door and be a better person? 🔸 Self-reflection? I can share my experience how I started my journey towards this. I'm at very early stage, but can share recommendations that includes: coaching sessions, self analysis-retrosprctive, improvisation, feedback.
Deividas Celencevičius
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