Jonas AurasDigital Creator and Entrepreneur
Denkversuche Podcast - The Denkversuche Podcast started when Sönke a friend of mine and I discovered that we really enjoyed talking about our philosophy classes and religion and other interesting topics. We have learned what equipment to use, how to speek freely buy still be organised. Let's talk!
About me
Im Jonas, I study instructional Design, work at the chair of innovative entrepreneurship at Freiburg University and am currently growing my business as a wedding photographer. Podcasting, Image editing and thinking of smarter ways of doing things are things I absolutely love doing. In my opinion Nietzsche is one of the most thought provoking writers and a good chat about philosophy and the subject of religion is always soul soothing to me. I've been stuck in the habit of consuming regular social media and am looking forward to the opportunity to create rather than consume and meet like minded people that I'm interested in talking to, not just because some algorithm suggests them to me based on random information. So let's talk :)
Digital Creator and Entrepreneur
Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
Similar topics
I always end up most of conversations discussing about ideas. If you need any idea or you lack creativity- my head is full of them. From extravagant to casual.
Dovaine Juciute
Yes, you can think and be creative!
Dovaine Juciute
Making your first movie
Do not spend too much time waiting to start. It will always seem that you can be better prepared or find more funding. In the beginning your vision is the strongest - just go with it and work every difficulty along the way. Trust me, it will be harder to finish than to start.
Ronaldas Buožis
Do I need to go to a film school?
Common question in early film-making path: Do I need the classic education or can I start learning by doing it? I can share the pros and cons of both.
Ronaldas Buožis
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