Santino DummettI teach business and startups for free!
Two things make a business. The SERVICE such as making a product or performing valuable action, and the SKILL of monetising that service effectively, so that it generates income successfully. This is about growing that extremely general and useful skill, so that you can apply it to anything
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I am on here because I enjoy sharing knowledge and discussing things just as much as I enjoy gaining knowledge My profile is based on my job of taking a person’s dream job and finding a way to build a business with it, in many different fields. I love learning about each new field as I do it They provide the skill, I provide the way to implement that skill to build a business with it! Sometimes my role is large and I partner with them. Sometimes my role is advisory and I take small percentages of their profit. I enjoy each one and learn from everything
I teach business and startups for free!
Hadley Castle, Hadley, Telford, UK
Santino Dummett on Building BusinessI teach business and startups for free!Some time ago
As with any skill, the skill of building a business relies on talent, experience, knowledge/data, and good systems in place to push you to implement. Over the next few weeks I’ll go over some past and present businesses I have made/ helped make, use them as case studies, and outline what steps we took to 1) identify the aspect of the business that people would pay for 2) worked out a way to maximise that aspect 3) continually innovated to make the business provide a greater income for lower costs The coinciding lessons of each case study, I predict, will be 1 taking action consistently is the key step that separates a failure from success 2 providing more VALUE to the customer is the foolproof way to increase income, not to fool them into spending more than they should 3 identifying the best method to get a customer’s attention and once you have that attention, to effectively show them the potential benefit to them of using the business is the way all marketing works Also I’ll be putting in a photo of myself with each post since that seems to be what people do on Qoorio, it isn’t relevant to the post its just a picture of my face

Santino Dummett on Building BusinessI teach business and startups for free!Some time ago
People prioritise what’s important to them. If you’re doing a joint venture with someone who continually can’t meet to work but can meet you to go socialising (happened to me last week) then they don’t want to do the venture even if they think they do If somebody can’t work with you on a joint venture but has the time to go on social media (happened to me yesterday) then they don’t want to do the venture even if they think they do Or at least, they do not understand that they must prioritise working if they want to succeed In my experience you can try to convince people to care more about putting the time in (something I’ve only successfully done twice by getting across exactly what the benefits to them are so they started self-motivating) or you can realise they aren’t as invested as you and do the venture yourself/ find somebody else with their skillset This is a common problem in ventures with no money invested, just 2+ people putting work into something that will grow, in my experience. And something you just have to accept as part of human nature!

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