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I had a crushdown recently cos I decided to restart a new life when I was 18 and I decided to build my life from scratch. The experience was great but I was never sure about why I deserved such a gift from God and I was actually not sure whether I was lying to myself or my past. Now I am shocked!
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I did recently opened a pharmacy in Santa Maria di Sala and I had the opportunity of holding a party to celebrate the opening of the pharmacy with the first citizen of Santa Maria di Sala. We were in the newspaper, the Nova of the North East to speak up strongly about the need of a new pharmacy in the county. We also gave voice to the citizens that did want a doctor in the area were the pharmacy was built. I do then enjoy art and that’s why I decided to partecipate as a minor guest to an exhibition hosted from my friend Giorgio in Cortina. One picture of me was captured from some journalists and was recently seen in a online newspaper Gotha News. I was seen closed to a really appreciated family friend, Salandin Francesca. We both share an interest for the contemporary art, landscapes and performance art that was born in Padova. She prefers Alberto Bertolucci whereas I do prefer Giovanni Motta as I do love small size sculptures. In London then I really enjoyed science, tech and research and that’s why recently it was published a paper were I was a coauthor in an international journal on pharmaceutical science. The article is about theophylline and it’s possibile use as a medicine in first aid against asthma. An abstracts of another research group with whom I did collaborate was presented from my supervisor in Australia and it was about biomarker of DVT aging. So overall I think I was a great student in the field of pharmaceutical and biomedical science that now in Italy decided to help the sickness and the face to face local markets while opening a new pharmacy that was won from my past employer. I decided then to use my spare time to partecipate to a few events that had as a main topic modern and contemporary art. I was fixed with Hirst therefore my most happiness would have been to have visit more often exhibitions of artists that made portraits or paintings similar to the one that Hirst used to make.
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31037 Brentelle, Province of Treviso, Italy
Benedetta Marchiorello on How to get betterViolin playerSome time ago
L’oceano fornisce 57 milioni di posti di lavoro a livello globale. È fonte primaria di PROTEINE per oltre il 50% della popolazione che vive nei paesi più sottosviluppati. È fondamentale rispettare e preservare il nostro oceano, per noi stessi, per il pianeta e per il nostro futuro.

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