Henrik Wackyjacky KjaerulffWackyJacky101 || Streamer/YouTuber || Coach and guidance in shooters
I have always had a passion for playing PC games. Before streaming full time, my job was to coach leaders and using LEAN to optimize the production of Insulin in a pharmaceutical company. Today I do almost the same - I coach other people live and optimizes gameplays through analysis.
About me
Hi, I'm WackyJacky101 - Live streamer at Twitch and YouTube content creator. Your primary source for quality guides/tutorials/test/analytics in first and third person shooters. Https://www.youtube.com/wackyjacky101 I love coaching and guiding people towards greater achievements. I'm a father to a wonderfull 2 year old boy and married - to which I spent my "free" time enjoying. Catch me live when I do what I love - playing video games! Https://twitch.tv/wackyjacky101
WackyJacky101 || Streamer/YouTuber || Coach and guidance in shooters
Copenhagen, Denmark
Henrik Wackyjacky Kjaerulff on Streaming CareerWackyJacky101 || Streamer/YouTuber || Coach and guidance in shootersSome time ago
I often get asked 'How do I get noticed as a streamer on twitch?'. I recommend spreading out your content over multiple platforms to promote your stream. YouTube was the starting point of my twitch career and without it, I would probably never have been noticed. Want to talk more about building a stream on twitch?

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