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What you can not measure, you cannot improve. I’ve been stuck many times in looking for the correct measurement and technique to foster the desired results in a shorter time. I would be glad to share my expertise in setting personal or business goals and finding the best way to measure it!
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I’m a dreamer with a strong passion for numbers and technology. Even though I dream and think of ’clouds’ a lot, I stand firmly on the ground, and I can execute complex and innovative projects & new ideas. Last 15 years, I’ve spent building new ventures in various fields, and I could confidently state that I am an excellent person to kick-off ideas!
Partnerships & Innovations
Vilnius, Lithuania
Mantas Mažūna on How to track personal or business performance?Partnerships & InnovationsSome time ago
How do you structure goals in your organization? Do you use any frameworks or tools to do that? I’d believe the most companies rely on measuring some KPI’s. However, in my experience, KPIs are not reflecting the real objectives that organizations are chasing. I have lately been reading on OKR (Objectives and Key Results) and implementing it for my personal goals. It seems that it works straightforwardly! I suggest you check some primary samples on Happy goal reaching! 👏
OKR Examples - Good examples of Objectives and Key results


Mantas MažūnaPartnerships & Innovations
However, I would still encourage people to apply this method for small departments/companies or personal goals to get a better understanding of which Key Results you have to focus your attention on moving towards the Objective. As sometimes one can feel confused, it helps with analyzing which consequence is reached by a particular cause.
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