Manpreet KaurAd maker and a pretty good listener
My friends say I am a pretty good listener and my advises are on point. Being in the ad industry, what comes naturally to me is the need to solve problems. If you're feeling troubled and would like a stranger to listen to you without any judgements, happy to do so for you :)
About me
I am in the business of creating and disseminating valuable information in a fun and creative manner. In my free time, I enjoy travelling, mainly to the beach and indulging in high adrenaline, cardiac arrest inducing activities such as skydiving and bungee jumping. I've been told multiple times I'm a good listener and I give pretty solid advise to all my friends and colleagues. Happy to listen and share my life experiences with you if you need a stranger's opinion :)
Ad maker and a pretty good listener
Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Manpreet Kaur on Love and RelationshipsAd maker and a pretty good listenerSome time ago
What do you think of marrying someone from a different religion? A) Its tough. They will never understand my beliefs and values and the importance those set of beliefs hold in my life B) Its definitely possible so long as there is tolerance, acceptance and understanding on each other's set of beliefs and values I personally believe its possible. What are your thoughts? Have you experienced dating / are dating someone from a different religion?


Manpreet KaurAd maker and a pretty good listener
There is no specific desire to be with someone of a different religion. It just opens the dating pool to other people besides the ones in your religion and in Malaysia, a country of multicultures, its pretty normal. We have a lot of mixed marriages here between different races and its possible to make work as long as there is mutual understanding, respect and alignment between the couple
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