Rūta MrazauskaitėPublic policy analyst / Lawyer
I am no nutrition expert and would never try to give anyone dietary advise. But what I can do is share my experience of how to ease in to a more plant based diet without forsaking flavour, fun and without spending too much time thinking about it :)
About me
I have extensive experience as a lecturer, project leader and a senior consultant, within the fields of transparency in public finances, corruption risks, countering fraud and money laundering. I also freelance as a trainer of international criminal law. Among my professional highlights reside recent master (LLM) studies at Harvard Law School, which opened my eyes to a plethora of things, including the fact that admission process to such prestigious education establishments are not as tricky and prominently tied to knowing legal codes (though that’s quite important too), as one might think! P.S. Also - unicorns consulting (not the startups!)
Public policy analyst / Lawyer
Vilnius, Lithuania
Rūta Mrazauskaitė on How to easily start eating more plant based foods?Public policy analyst / LawyerSome time ago
Quite possibly - my favourite cookbook so far! If you want to start eating a more plant based diet, there is no need to think of haute cuisine or limit yourself to salad! Plenty of gorgeous ideas here and it ticks all my favourite boxes: 💃🏻 products are easy to find in local supermarkets 💃🏻 cooking is easy and quick, no super skills required 💃🏻 most importantly - DELICIOUS meals! Forget trying to eat more plant based foods - think EATING MORE DELICIOUS FOODS ;-) The author also keeps a cool blog if you care to try before you buy: www.cookieandkate.com


Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio, Co-Founder @ Vinted, Angel Investor
Any favorite veggie meal of yours?
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