Aurimas ŠeputisSoftware Engineer @Qoorio
I myself have been on ketosis since 2019 without any breaks and did a lot of research on metabolism and effects of ketones and insulin. When other diets disappoint - keto delivers.
About me
I'd describe myself as a proper geek, meaning I do a lot of research on stuff I'm into. Wannabe gourmand, connoisseur. Prefer polished simplicity over complex mediocrity. Developing software for a decade now and with passion at that!
Software Engineer @Qoorio
Vilnius, Lithuania
Aurimas Šeputis on Ketogenic dietSoftware Engineer @QoorioSome time ago
We often do not overthink our dietary choices and take health for granted until first issues. Game rules change when you have to take these choices for your kids. Does your social bubble know what's best for you and your kids?
Are We Feeding Our Kids for Lifelong Health?

Aurimas Šeputis on Ketogenic dietSoftware Engineer @QoorioSome time ago
How much out of your way would you go just because of hunger? No matter what plans you might have there is always considerations popping into your mind just because some hormone is signaling your brain that your stomach is currently empty. How crazy is that? Talk about free will. I frequently fast for 36 hours and feeling great, with latest fast ending without even being hungry at the end of it. You really feel in control without mood swings based on hunger. Make no mistake though - I do reach my calorie targets over the week. There is no benefit in starving yourself. Eating becomes a treat every time, you take satisfaction from taste and not from stuffing yourself and suppressing some hormone. Eat to enjoy quality food, while skipping meals when you can't access some. Not only you'll end up happier - you'll contribute to your longevity both from metabolic perspective and also mental.


Aurimas ŠeputisSoftware Engineer @Qoorio
Prolonged Fasting would help with that. Random example It is important to know how to break your fast without upsetting your digestion
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