Steven LiewStartup investor and advisor
I trained as a lawyer. They never teach you in law school how to manage your money. Financial Literary should be a compulsory subject in universities. Using your labor to make money is fine. But using your money to make money is better.
About me
I’m a lawyer turned full-time investor. I invest in early stage startups in the payments and services marketplace verticals. I also invest in publicly-listed companies that offer products or services which are highly addictive. I am also crazy about yoga and coffee.
Startup investor and advisor
Steven Liew on How to invest your money?Startup investor and advisorSome time ago
The second worst excuse for not actively investing your money is “I dont know how.” And the worst? “I don’t have time.” Why would any sane person not spend a bit of time to learn about investing? All of us want a passive income! All of us want to retire early! But to really live the YOLO lifestyle, you need to have some money at your disposal. Depending on your tolerance for risks, there are plenty of things in which to invest - from unit trusts, equities to real estates or cryptocurrencies. Key is to start small, fail fast, learn fast and continue investing.


Steven LiewStartup investor and advisor
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