Lina KvizikevičiūtėDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec
I am a digital marketing specialist with a huge focus on Google ads, Facebooks ads, LinkedIn ads, Microsoft ads and Yandex. I additionally work with content creation and social media marketing, so I can help your brand to show its best sides. Let's chat about that anytime!
About me
I am working in digital marketing area with focus on digital advertising | PPC. Main channels I work with are Google ads, Facebook ads, Microsoft ads and LinkedIn ads. My experience in HR, leadership and team management added much to understanding of people. I love making impact and helping individuals or companies to reach their potential. This is what I do every day.
Digital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads spec
Vilnius, Lithuania
Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads specSome time ago
Why do I like freelancing with small business? - All I help it with makes an impact. Proper analytics set up or change of Google ads bidding strategy - everything has much bigger effect. - Supporting small business was always in my blood. I always think that small businesses can bring much more different and interesting things and surprise more. - I love teaching small business and let them work on it by themselves. While at big corporations, such person as digital advertising specialist is a full-time position, fully responsible for this one particular area. At small business, the same person can responsible one for everything. In the end ... Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime 🐟

Lina Kvizikevičiūtė on Digital marketing / Performance campaignsDigital Marketing | PPC | Google & Facebook ads specSome time ago
Working on different advertising platforms makes me always wonder: Why this platform does not have something that another one has? 🙄 Google ads just released a few extra features and alerts: - Receiving real-time alerts (when your locations clash e.g.) - Draft campaign (finally you can leave them and come back later without a need to redo everything) 👏👏👏 - Creating a new campaign from the Overview page Drafting was a feature I missed the most and was always praising Facebook ads manager for having it 😅 Read more:


Andrew Lim Mao TungWindows System Admin with a passion to motivate and likes Technology.
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