Berta ČaikauskaitėTeam Leader of Berta& I Communications expert
Since I am a freshly baked leader of the company, I receive many questions from my own team and people around me about hashtagleadership and women in business in general. I choose to share my thoughts and invite you to join me!
About me
I am a Team Leader in communication agency "Berta&". Human-centrism is the core of our philosophy because firstly we are human beings, and only then we do our roles as colleagues, employees, clients or partners. Our interconnection and relationships are based on equivalence, which is the only way we can enjoy our work and achieve the best results. My main field of work include strategic consulting on public relations, media relations and placement, supporting brand development and marketing strategy, crisis management and internal communication. I am experienced in retail communications. I emphasize gender equality in everyday life and work on empowering women. Therefore, I participate in mentorship programs and love to share my experience with others. I choose to elaborate on: ✔️ leadership - leading your team, being a CEO and a woman-leader ✔️ communications - best way to emphasize your brand advantages and to cover your disadvantages ✔️ mentorship - how to find your path and enjoy it Contact me and let’s have a talk! 📣
Team Leader of Berta& I Communications expert
Vilnius, Lithuania
Berta Čaikauskaitė on Leadership 💫Team Leader of Berta& I Communications expertSome time ago
“Every single day we have just gotten up in the morning and focused on building an experience around women, for women,” Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd told last Thursday morning when making the history of being the youngest woman to take her company public via Nasdaq. “When women are safe and happy, everyone else follows and it creates a better relationship for everyone.” Bumble not only made history in the dating world for its female-focused algorithm that defies traditional gender norms and puts women in a position of power. But it also expanded the concept of women leadership - it begins with CEO and extends to the company’s board of directors and investors. And last but definitely not least - it is important to embrace your words with actions - and this is what Whitney Wolfe Herd does by ringing the opening bell from Bumble’s offices in Austin with her 1-year-old son by her side. This what leadership looks like. 💫 #leadership #womenempowerment

Berta Čaikauskaitė on Leadership 💫Team Leader of Berta& I Communications expertSome time ago
As young girls and boys we search for role models. It is as natural as that. 💫 We need succesful and driven role models to inspire and prepare us for life. They usually come in all shapes, sizes, races and ages. The outside does not matter, but their great accomplishments do. When I was girl I admired quite a few brilliant women. They emerged in one or the other time of my youth. They were not alike. Not at all. But had one same feature – courage. 🚀 And most importantly, once they were just a girl like me. These are my #16 inspirational ladies. 💙

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