Fatima KhechaiHuman Potential coach & Entrepreneur
I always wanted to be an entrepreneur, that is one of the biggest reason why I chose not to work for a big company. I was afraid to be stuck, to loose myself and not pursue my dreams. In this topic, I would like to explore my journey that brought me to where I am today and to further improve
About me
I'm a coach, (ex) Branding consultant, student of life, Entrepreneur and I have a mission in life : to elevate people that I am in contact with, higher and better that they thought they could go. I love singing, acting and laughing. I am a wannabe entrepreuner and a lioness at heart ! Welcome to my world!!😉
Human Potential coach & Entrepreneur
Bastia, France
Fatima Khechai on live your best life as a woman entrepreneur!Human Potential coach & EntrepreneurSome time ago
15 days of Social Media Fast : I have heard from many people I admire that as an entrepreneur you need your thinking time. To free my mind and my daily schedule, I decided for june to do a Social Media Fast and documenting the process. Results for this week: 1. Mind a lot less full of stuff 2. More focused on what matters for my business 3. Some breakthroughs 4. More present with people around me, as I don't really ise my phone when I am with people. 5. Confirming that I am in control 6. Still having automatic reaction to check my phone Again, for work I am sometimes required to check my social media..so I can't seem to be 100% off. It has become part of my life and as long as I have an internet connection, I still use my phone ... 🧘‍♀️

Fatima Khechai on live your best life as a woman entrepreneur!Human Potential coach & EntrepreneurSome time ago
1 week with no social media: So here it is, my social media fast has begun ... and it is hard to completly be off!! I started at 60% off, now I am at 90% off. Why not go 100% off? Work. I found myself answering some messages, going to facebook for creating the private group coaching for work, instgram to screen shot one of my client to put on my portfolio... Not the social media fast I expected. The objective is to really let go of it this week. However, here are the short term impact: 1. Several Times I have found myself looking for IG on my phone, I was amazed that it was an automatic response to boredom. 2. My head feels less full of "have to post" thoughts. 3. I feel less anxiety related to "subscribers expectations" 4. More time to think. 5. I realized that I was not suffering from FOMO ( fear of missing out) The reason I am doing this fast is to recharge and have more time to strategize for the priority and higher value work. This week was ok, but can go better. See you in a week for another update. 😉


Justas JanauskasCEO @ Qoorio, Co-Founder @ Vinted, Angel Investor
Looking forward to reading your next insight!
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