Fatima KhechaiHuman Potential coach & Entrepreneur
As a Mindset coach, I believe in daily progress, 1% is enough. Reflect, develop Self-Awareness and change for the best. Self-confidence is the ability to believe in your abilities to achieve what you want.
About me
I'm a coach, (ex) Branding consultant, student of life, Entrepreneur and I have a mission in life : to elevate people that I am in contact with, higher and better that they thought they could go. I love singing, acting and laughing. I am a wannabe entrepreuner and a lioness at heart ! Welcome to my world!!😉
Human Potential coach & Entrepreneur
Bastia, France
Fatima Khechai on How to boost Self-confidence ?Human Potential coach & EntrepreneurSome time ago
You need an immediate confidence boost? Try out the Superwoman/ superman pose. Learn more in this youtube video : https://youtu.be/-9AXewk0niM
How To Increase Confidence In Yourself Part 1 (As A Modern Muslim woman)

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