Ugnė ButkutėRunner, volunteer, project manager, Big Data student & adventure seeker
I have been volunteering in Mexico, Sauyla for 3 months.
About me
I'm a runner, volunteer, project manager & seeker for new skills.
Runner, volunteer, project manager, Big Data student & adventure seeker
Kaunas, Lithuania
Similar topics
Volunteering and Fundraising
This is a space where any future endavour I aim to do will be posted about, purely for the aim of raising money for whichever organisation and company touches my heart. I know as human beings, as a species we dislike parting with our monies, but please imagine if it was someone you knew.
Emily Holloway
Volunteering in Indonesia
Volunteering is an amazing experience and opportunity, but it has it's pros and cons. I'll share with you my experience that I gained volunteering in a few islands of Indonesia.
Viktorija Pukinskaite
Volunteer work
There are more than 30 accreditations from different culture related events and festivals in my treasure box. I’d love to share all my experience with you! P.S. I can also tell you a story about how the start of my volunteering career in 2016 led me to working at Qoorio 3 years later..:)
Marija Mireckaitė
Volunteer to Vietnam
Volunteering in the north of Vietnam for 6 weeks and traveling while volunteering.
Natasha Fatihah Binti Abdullah
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