Lim Yien YongLife enthusiast with an autotelic personality
When we think of successful people, we usually think of someone who falls on these two lines- money or/and power. Can success be defined internally rather than externally? I invite you to come speak and discuss this with me, let's exchange some perspectives.
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I am a naturally curious person when it comes to the big questions of life. You can often find me hiding in a corner reading about philosophy, psychology, and religion while asking myself the questions,'what's the purpose of life', 'what's human', where am I going' etc. When I got into university, I studied law (another thing a nerd do), simply to understand the connection between morality and how human defined laws contribute to our "human-ness". My small wish is that the very bit of my knowledge I share with you here can inspire you to lead a more fulfillng life.
Life enthusiast with an autotelic personality
Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Lim Yien Yong on How do you define success?Life enthusiast with an autotelic personalitySome time ago
The Dark Horse Project is a long-term study of how women and men achieve success by harnessing their individuality. Most traditional research on success asks the question, “What is the best way to achieve success?” We are instead asking, “What is the best way for you to achieve success?” "They found that people found happiness through the relentless pursuit of fulfillment. The act of seeking fulfillment brought them success and happiness, instead of fulfillment as a consequence of obtaining mastery in a chosen field. Their work looked at people who are masters of their craft, but totally unhappy at work, because they’re unfulfilled. The dark horses are individual. They each found pride and happiness in different aspects of their work. There is no formula. Just a basic compass heading."
How Harvard’s Dark Horse Project is Shattering Old Beliefs about Success

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