Aivaras BakanauskasGraphic - Branding Designer / In Love With Surfing
Over the years working in graphic design, I created a lot of packaging designs. From the awards winning and featured in worldwide design blogs packagings to cheap category products. Glad that both categories had good results from the sales numbers to design function and recognizability.
About me
I’m graphic designer who has worked in different fields through out the career, now focusing on branding & visual identity. Also, packaging design is still one of my interests. More visuals: At the moment working as a Freelance Graphic Designer and Art Director in Qoorio. Besides spending a lot of time in a visual world, I’m nuts about surfing & football. Daily things:
Graphic - Branding Designer / In Love With Surfing
Aivaras Bakanauskas on Packaging DesignGraphic - Branding Designer / In Love With SurfingSome time ago
If people ask which city branding I like the most, one of the favourites for sure is Kuršių Nerija. History of this place and their visual language - from weather vanes to heraldics made from seafaring alphabets - makes this place unique. Maybe one day I can put my hands on expanding and making a proper visual identity for this unique place. For now, I can share my packaging design made for the Red Brick Brewery Workshop, which is fully inspired by Kuršių Nerija and weather vanes. More about that:
Limited Winter Edition Beer Bėganti Kopa Label Design

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