Markus SeppamPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB ads
Learn the top tips and tricks on how to run and optimize profitable Facebook and Google Ads campaigns. I have worked two years in one of the biggest performance marketing agencies in the Baltics and I am super passionate about digital marketing.
About me
I have vast knowledge when it comes to Google and Facebook Ads. I know what it takes to run successful and profitable campaigns online. I also love to read a lot of non-fiction books and I am constantly learning in order to become the best version of myself. I have worked in USA for 3 months, selling books door to door. Studied in Spain for a semester. Worked remotely in Asia for 4 months.
Performance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB ads
Lilleküla, Tallinn, Estonia
Markus Seppam on Optimisation tricks for Facebook and Google AdsPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB adsSome time ago
Do you know what is the main reason why most Facebook and Google Ads campaigns fail? It’s due to focusing on the wrong metrics. Most people think the main goal of Google and Facebook Ads is to get as many clicks to your website with the lowest cost possible. Well, that is not true. In performance marketing, the main goal of Google and FB ads should be to increase your sales and that’s why you should always consider and track which targeting options (keywords etc) and ads are helping you to achieve that. Unfortunately, so many advertisers don’t even have conversion tracking enabled and are focusing on the wrong metrics like: * Clickthrough rate * Clicks * Bounce rate * Impressions * Likes, shares Instead, you should prioritize on setting up conversion tracking and focus on more meaningful metrics like: ✅ Conversions and the Cost Per Conversion ✅ Return on Ad Spend Focusing and optimizing for the correct metrics and events is especially vital for the more Automated Bidding strategies, where the algorithms are always looking to optimize according to the event you choose to be important for you.

Markus Seppam on Optimisation tricks for Facebook and Google AdsPerformance Marketing Specialist | Google and FB adsSome time ago
How do get your first job in a field you like with no experience? When I was on my second year in university I knew that I would love to work as a digital marketer. The problem was that I didn’t have any needed skills or experience to get that first job and I was also studying abroad at the time. My solution - I started a blog! Thanks to blogging I got to learn content marketing, I ran Google Ads to my site with a very low budget (just to get experience and learn by having skin in the game). I learned SEO, Analytics and got a very good overview of different possibilites and skillsets. After returning home from abroad I also worked for free for a start-up for a while, just to get that experience. This proved to be very useful when I applied to Google Ads Academy, which was organised by one of the biggest performance marketing agencies in Baltics (ePPC). There was lots of competition but my eagerness to learn by doing helped me stand out from the rest and get accepted. It’s now been almost two years since I got a job in ePPC and it’s just amazing how much can one learn in a short period of time when there is a will to succeed and consistency in taking action.

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