Mindaugas JankauskasProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
How to organize work for a fully effective remote product/engineering teams? What methods/rituals/tools? What problems can surface?
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Product development - what and how. From backlog management to organization that enables efficient product development. My vast amount of experience in product managing and development has helped me to achieve great things in my career and boost the performance of the companies I worked for. For over 15 years, I have been studying everything product-related from gathering a strong team to applying correct methodologies. And most importantly, I never forget to adapt to our ever-changing world and business environment, so my ideas are fresh and relevant.
Product professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
Vilnius, Lithuania
Mindaugas Jankauskas on Remote product organisationProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultantSome time ago
▪️What scale do you use to measure an employee performance? ▪️Why 1 to 10 does not work? It is all about finding/setting a clear and stable reference point. Agreed and communicated expectations is a good starting point 👌🏽


Mindaugas JankauskasProduct professional, Technology enthusiast, Product management consultant
What makes this scale not a regular scale - it is relative. This scale must go together with an mutual agreement between an employee and manager on what are the expectations. As a scale alone it does not have any meaning. In small companies relying on abstract assessment can work well, however than your at risk on being influenced by one or more cognitive biases. Also, knowing that you trust an employee is not helping him to understand what he can improve and how to be even better.
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