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I was born and raised in a small but ambitious and fast growing country Lithuania. However, due to my eagerness to explore, challenge myself and learn new things, I always felt that the place was too small for me. So after my international studying experience in South Korea and The Netherlands, I started to work at Philips in Amsterdam. I worked for a global transformation programme where I got my strong passion for process excellence. Later I moved to shipping giant Maersk, where I was quickly promoted to form a new transformation department and take on a leadership role. This whole transition to a new industry and early leadership experience was tremendous for my personal development. But in the midst of my promising career, I decided to do something crazy! I quit my job to pursue volunteering with women in rural Uganda. My career break year allowed me to take a step back and think about my purpose. This is when I decided to come back to the business world which was always so exciting for me, especially as I grew up with entrepreneurial parents. Currently I am working at Schuberg Philis, which is a Dutch technology company known for its self-steering customer teams and continuous highest customer satisfaction ranking (Giarte). On top of my daily work I am still engaged with Integrated Villages NGO in Uganda and write my personal blog on issues which are typically faced by young professionals. Other people often describe me as someone who is not afraid to get her “hands dirty” and deliver results. My personal blog:
Digital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Agne Nainyte on Women empowermentDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women Empowerment3 days ago
I have been talking about digital transformation a lot! But mainly from operational excellence point of view - how companies can optimize their processes by using emerging digital technologies. However, digital transformation is also about how we utilize social technologies such as social media in creating and strengthening personal or company brands. It's interesting that apparently people trust and value communication coming more from a person rather than a company! So it seems like that not only enterprise marketing teams should be engaged with building a company brand, but also employees. If you'd like to learn more on that topic, I would encourage to read the latest guest blog post from Viktorija Lukoseviciute, who is a partner and strategist from my favourite personal brand consultancy school Persona Cognita. Viktorija took an interesting angle to describe benefits of building a personal brand online from an expat perspective.
I Am An Expat. Why Should I Build My Personal Brand? -

Agne Nainyte on Women empowermentDigital Transformation | Process Excellence | Women EmpowermentSome time ago
Happy international #womenday! As a Lithuanian 🇱🇹 woman working in The Netherlands 🇳🇱 for a great technology company Schuberg Philis, I feel extremely privileged. I grew up with loving parents, never needed to worry about access to safe drinking water 💦 , electricity ⚡️, high quality education, warm house 🏠 and stable income 💰. Yes! I do sometimes feel disadvantaged working in a masculine business world, but I find it too minor to talk about it today. Instead I like to focus my effort to help truly disadvantaged single mothers in rural Uganda 🇺🇬 by working together with Integrated Villages NGO. After I volunteered there in 2019, I could not resist in creating an opportunity for women to earn extra income. If you too would like to contribute in funding entrepreneurship of women in rural Uganda, you can do so in a very simple way! Instead of giving a donation, you can purchase one of their products - 'bracelet with a story'.

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