Production Systems and Automotive Quality Management Specialist
Vilnius, Lithuania
If my profile has caught your eye, it is most likely because you are engaged in one or another kind of manufacturing business, aren’t you? If this is the case, I might be able to share some knowledge that might be of interest to you. I have a doctoral degree in production systems and over ten years of international practical experience. I have spent over ten years working and studying abroad in countries such as Switzerland, Sweden and Norway until I decided to come back home, and I have worked in companies producing medical implants, bicycles, optical measuring instruments and automotive components. A part of this experience is rather generic, so I will not bother you with it (if you are interested anyway, you can have a look at my LinkedIn profile My experience in automotive industry, however, is probably something that is not so common in Lithuania yet, but with the number of big automotive players established in our country increasing, it should become more and more valuable. If you also see opportunities in the growing Lithuanian automotive sector or perhaps are already working in it and have some practical issues, contact me and I could share with you the knowledge that I have accumulated during the years I have spent working in this sector!
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