CEO | Tech Entrepreneur | Design Thinker
Centar, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
For over ten years now, I've been working as an entrepreneur, building startups, and digital products from the ground up with few smart people from across the world.

In my portfolio, I have over 50 digital and tech products, including mobile apps, games, web platforms, documentaries, music videos, and short movies.

Today I act as CEO and co-founder of Qpick, RetailTech Startup based in Vilnius. I specialize in defining a product, planning a startup, raising capital, networking, and execution.

I'm also a Kung Fu Wing Chun practitioner for ten years now, a descendant of Master Djore Kostovski, William Cheung, and Ip Man. I'm first hand familiar with self-defense, meditation, stretches, mind, and body development.

I've failed more times than anyone can imagine, but hey, you only have to succeed once, right?

Fun fact, when I was 23, I started an initiative for free hugs, and I've hugged over 5000 people, mobilized over 1000 young people, and raised approximately 30.000€ in donations for people in crisis.

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